About Us

Mahgary tax advisors, accountants, and auditors in Egypt  is one of the Egypt’s leading firms of accountants and business advisers, established in 1990 by Mr. Mohamed Al Mahgary, We provide comprehensive services in accounting, audit and assurance, tax consulting, corporate finance, and management consultancy, Our clients can be confident that the work will be carried out by a team of dedicated professionals.

Our clients benefit from an integrated approach based on understanding the key issues facing small and medium sized businesses. This enables us to meet their needs at each stage of development and allows them to focus on building the value of their business, Our services and teams are tailored to suit the culture of each client including publicly listed corporations, large and medium-sized companies, privately owned businesses, nonprofit and public organizations.Our people are the driving force behind the quality of our services and integrity of our practices. Our top priority is to deliver quality services, as well as develop and deliver new tools and strategies that can help clients succeed.We have an exceptional set-up tax advisory department. We are experts in the areas of transaction services, financial services advisory, legal advisory, finance and accounting, payroll accounting and real estate management.We know our clients and attach great importance to personal customer care. Our aim is to understand customer needs and satisfy these in the best way possible within the scope of the legal framework based on professional standards.

Our clients benefit from our positive image and our good relations to public institutions and authorities. We are a fair and reliable employer with motivated, highly qualified employees with team spirit.


Years Experience in Financial Services

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the first choice for companies in their selection of professional advisers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality service to our clients by focusing on client-specific needs and providing solutions to business problems, thereby adding value through expertise whilst maintaining integrity, professionalism and independence.

Our Culture

Our firm was founded by Mohamed Al Mahgary in 1990 and quickly started to grow. Soon, new professionals joined us to assume management roles and to serve an ever-growing number of clients. 


Our Services

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We believe that one of the most important elements of the successes to have a good Accounting System



Our audit methods are based on helping our clients achieve their demands and enhance their financial position


Financial and Taxs

One of our office offer a wide range of financial services that meet the desires of our customers


Management Consultancy

Feasibility Studies, Business Forecasting, Developing and implementing strategic plans.