Ethical and Technical Excellence

We have abided by strict ethics since our foundation with the constant determination to exceed current standards by requiring in our charters the:

  • Rules of Independence;
  • Codes of Behavior;
  • Conflict Avoidance Procedures; and
  • Conditions for Partner Appointments

We have taken the demanding option to be a fully integrated firm being and having –

  • Conducive to Accountability and Mutual Responsibility,
  • Cross-Border Quality Standards,
  • Seamless Service,
  • Cross-Fertilization of International and National Knowledge

We also have taken the demanding option to be fully transparent in our –

  • Risk Management Policy
  • Quality Control Procedures,
  • Governance and Legal Structures,
  • Financial Affairs and Partners’ Compensation

These ethical and technical excellences have been the key to our development for more than 30 years and we are convinced that they will continue to be the foundation for our sustainable growth in the years and decades to come.

Beyond words, our values reflect our determination to go above mere compliance with laws and regulations. They are the pillars of the ethical firm we aspire to be.


Our Services



We believe that one of the most important elements of the successes to have a good Accounting System



Our audit methods are based on helping our clients achieve their demands and enhance their financial position


Financial and Taxs

One of our office offer a wide range of financial services that meet the desires of our customers


Management Consultancy

Feasibility Studies, Business Forecasting, Developing and implementing strategic plans.